Wishing You Well in 2020!

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It’s bigger than basketball. As athletes we find comfort in playing a sport that brings us peace, joy & happiness. -Coach Taylor

In the foggy mist of tragedy, you will find clarity and understanding.

When I think about the new year for Passion 4 Youth, the word IMPACT stands out to me. What level of impact will continue to have on the youth this year? What seeds have been planted that will manifest? Who’s life will we change? Or who’s life will change us?

In 2019, there were an abundance of blessings sent my way and I am truly so thankful for Gods grace & mercy! I’ve had the opportunity to feel & embrace being loved by many! Had the opportunity to celebrate success with those I love! I was able to hear ‘them’ when ‘they’ said, thank you with sincerity, I’ve received heartfelt messages (text/video), I’ve enjoyed the phone calls and face 2 face conversations, and I recognized your actions and your ability to show up for me! All of the above have carried me through this tough year and have inspired me to keep pushing forward.

As I step into 2020, I am reminded yet again how precious time is and what we do with it. Today I found out that one of the athletes I have mentored and trained was shot and killed! I cried, my heart is heavy and I am angry that someone made a decision to take his life! My heart aches for his Mother as I am too familiar with the pain loss can bring. It has almost been a year since my mother passed and I constantly find myself reflecting back on the time we spent. While you’re in the moment, you loose track of time and only recognize it because you have a list of things to do for the day and/or week. Through personal tragedy I now see time so differently; it has brought me clarity and understanding. The precious moments that last forever are the times you spend giving, listening, being present, laughing/crying, celebrating and even arguing. Those moments will carry you, strengthen you and inspire you!

I received a text from this young man a couple of weeks before the Holidays asking me for my help/guidance. He had realized that he needed a change of course and I was the person to help him do it. I hadn’t seen or spoke to him in about a year but of course that made no difference to me. In the moment I read his text, I recognized my time was valued and now needed again. I could have decided that my personal pain was more important or I was too busy with coaching my high school team but I didn’t hesitate to let him know I was here for him. And even with knowing how precious time is, you never know how much of it you have. I never had the chance to sit down with him as we had intended but I pray he knew I believed in him and that my love never wavered!

I share this with you, with the hope that you will cherish and prioritize your time in 2020. Please wrap your arms around your loved ones, let them know you love them and value the TIME you have with them! Don’t take a moment for granted. As I am heartbroken, I am also grateful I had the clarity to receive his message of gratitude and reminded that my time spent uplifting youth is priceless. I will honor him by continuing to do more! Throughout the year 2020, I vow to trust God, walk in faith and push myself to evolve & gain a better understanding of my role as a positive leader, coach and mentor.

Coach Audrey Taylor
Founder & CEO
Passion 4 Youth, Inc.