An Amazing Milestone but A Bigger Impact

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I’ve met a lot of kids throughout my journey of coaching and as most coaches would tell you, there are some really special ones that come through the gym doors that capture your heart. Well Derrick Whitaker (aka DWhit aka Mr. 2K) is one of those special kids whom will always hold a special place in my heart!

One thing I’ve always loved about being in the gym with DWhit is he never complained and never wanted to leave! We were both gym rats! I knew at that moment that I had a chance to ‘give back’ to a kid I knew would appreciate it and do good with it. Our journey began when he was in 7th grade and since then we have spent countless hours in the gym, have had hundreds of great conversations and shared too many laughs to count. One of my favorite moments in the gym was kicking his butt 1-on-1 and all the trash talking I would do! In the beginning he would laugh and get a little frustrated but as he got older, stronger and wiser, he would start using what I taught him against me and giving me an hear full about it. I loved it!

So many lessons are taught and learned through our experiences. DWhit had proven to me that he is a determined young man and that whatever he sets his mind to, he’ll be able to accomplish. I couldn’t be more proud of Derrick! On Thursday, February 7th, he reached a milestone that not many people have been able to do! He’s become the 101st player in the state of New Jersey and the 2nd in South River to score 2,000 points!! Impressive, very impressive!! And the more impressive part of this milestone is he did it along side of being a honor student, a gentlemen, a leader in his community, a good friend & son and an student ambassador of youth in sports. He’s what I describe to be a ‘Triple Threat Athlete’ and I’m beyond proud that he’s a part of Passion 4 Youth.

The journey wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows but his determination never wavered and nor did my belief in him. I pray that he will continue to inspire those who come behind you. That your story makes others believe in the possibilities. And that your experience will lead you and those you impact to success.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that his impact on my life has been instrumental to me! Those hours in the gym taught me to be a better teacher, the conversations taught me how to become a better listener and your loyalty allowed me to impact more kids! So, thank you for being you and you’re welcome! Keep pushing forward and enjoying your journey… the best has yet to come!

To those who are just beginning your journey…. here’s a few words of advice. Set your goals, put in the work and… GO GET IT! It sounds so simple but it definitely is not that simple. You have to stay focused on your goals. You have to put in the work, with no guarantee of the outcome. You have to believe in yourself, confidence is everything!

Submitted with Love,
Coach Audrey Taylor
Founder & CEO, Passion 4 Youth, Inc.
Inspire. Believe. Lead.