TRUE Skills Academy


T.R.U.E Skill Academy is here to develop your athlete into a skilled competitors by utilizing goal-oriented, purposeful skill development training and mentoring. The skill development programs we offer go beyond just drills and repetition, we (the coaches) will focus on mentoring your athlete be self-leaders whom exude integrity and always strive for excellence. As coaches, we know we are more than just instructors, we are mentors too! Here at T.R.U.E we develop what we call ‘triple threat athletes’, those who work hard to achieve goals, value education and are confident self-leaders.

We offer skills training classes to provide EVERYTHING players need to improve. As well as an up-beat positive environment where kids feel comfortable to be themselves and learn at their own pace. Each class has a maximum amount of players who can attend because we are committed to our promise of no overcrowded classes.

  • The skills classes focuses on fundamental skills such as dribbling, shooting, passing, and footwork.
  • The group training sessions allows players to apply individual skills into read & react competitive drills, as well as team concepts.
  • The individual training sessions are tailored to the needs of each player and their individual skill level and goals.

To view the current skills classes offered, click here. If you are interested in signing up for group or individual training, please contact us at INFO@TRUESKILLSACDEMY.COM.